This is what a real vacation looks like.

Admit it. You’ve been dying to take a real break. So grab your towel, your unused pair of sunglasses, and hop on the next plane to the most beautiful, virgin island in the Caribbean: Vieques, Puerto Rico. 

The island of Vieques, known for its serene and scenic beaches, is located near the equator, where the weather is usually warm and sunny. Vieques is a haven for tourists searching for a peaceful vacation in a tropical paradise.

Vieques’ peak tourist season runs from November to March, so if you are planning on visiting during that time, you should book your flight, car rental, tours, and accommodations well in advance. In the summer months, you will find ideal conditions for diving or snorkelling in clear waters and untouched reefs. Sea turtles are common around the Island. 

Row aboard a nighttime kayak under the stars, in Vieques’ bioluminescent bay, the brightest in the world. Go horseback riding along the beach, or explore on your own in an off-road rental. Come visit, take it all in, and experience for yourself the full effect of taking a Viecation.  

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